Top Monetization Websites

Top Monetization Websites

Monetization websites have gained significant popularity in recent years as digital entrepreneurs and content creators seek avenues to generate revenue online. In this digital era, people always look for making money from digital platforms. Monetization websites are becoming more popular day by day. However, this platform helps individuals to earn money from their content, skills, and online activities. This article will cover over 30 monetization websites. These platforms offer various methods for individuals and businesses to monetize their content, skills, and online presence. In this article, we will explore the top 100+ monetization websites and provide detailed information about each platform, outlining their key features, monetization methods, and suitability for different types of users.

Google Adsense Monetization

Top Monetization Websites

  • Google AdSense: Google AdSense is a program run by Google where the website owners and bloggers are offered to display ads on their websites. When the viewers click on view these ads,the individuals can earn money. AdSense works well for all types of content creators. AdSense is easy to use. It also has many options for customization.These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.This program also operates on HTTP cookies. Google uses its technology to serve advertisements based on website content, the user’s geographical location, and other factors.
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  • Ezoic: Ezoic is a digital platform which helps you place ads on your website in best spots to get maximum earnings. It is also an award-winning technology partner for digital publishers and content creators. This platform leverages artificial intelligence to comprehensively analyze the behaviors of both web visitors and advertisers. However, It tries out different layouts and setups, giving you useful insights to help you make more money. Ezoic is built for everyone, that is ,from bloggers to major brands. It is the first platform built to provide the value of large teams and modern data science without any of the overhead or complexity associated with managing these sophisticated systems. Ezoic was also the recipient of the Google Business Innovation Award.
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  • : is a top advertising network that shows targeted ads. They offer high-quality ads as well as competitive revenue sharing, making it a well built alternative to AdSense. also has the industry’s first server-side header bidding platform that maximizes yield without compromising the user experience. Their offerings incorporate proprietary machine learning technology, sophisticated data processing, and detailed analytics capabilities to successfully target internet users. By revenue, is the second-largest contextual advertising business worldwide.
  • Infolinks: It is an in-text advertising platform. It converts selected keywords within your content into ad links. Since it has various ad formats, Infolinks is famous among thousands of publishers. Advertisers use Infolinks’ intent-driven ads to reach the right audience and deliver ads in real-time when users are most engaged and relevant. The secret to the success of Infolinks’ advanced ad solutions is the relevance, targeting and unprecedented viewability rates of 90%. They work with thousands of advertisers such as Nike, Virgin Airlines, Target, and Netflix to deliver nearly 1.5 billion monthly ad views.
  • PropellerAds: PropellerAds comes up with a variety of ad formats. Pop-under, push notifications and native ads are some of them. PropellerAds assists the Publishers to monetize their websites, mobile apps, or their browser extensions. They provide access to unique traffic sources and Al-based ad-serving / optimization tools for media buyers, agencies, brand owners, and affiliate marketers.
  • This includes advanced Demographic and Interests Targeting to find matching audiences, CPA Goal pricing model for automatic bidding and optimization, efficient ad formats (Push, In-Page Push, Interstitial, Popunder) with unique templates for customization,
  • Revcontent: Revcontent is a leading content marketing and native advertising platform that leverages lightweight, customizable technology to empower the web’s leading publishers and marketers to reach and exceed their revenue, engagement and growth goals. Revcontent is also native advertising platform. It focusses on delivering high-quality content recommendations to engage users. Revcontent’s personalized ad widgets deliver a smooth interaction with your website while monetizing your audience.
  • Taboola: Taboola is a top content discovery and native advertising platform which can provide personalized content to publishers recommendations to their readers which makes it capable of monetization strategy. The company’s platform, powered by artificial intelligence, is used by digital properties, including websites, devices and mobile apps, to drive monetization and user engagement. Taboola has long-term partnerships with some of the top digital properties in the world, including CNBC, NBC News, Business Insider, The Independent and El Mundo.
  • Adversal: Adversal, which is a CPM-based advertising network, provides competitive pricing to the publishers. They have various ad formats and advanced targeting options and hence are a great choice for monetizing one’s website.
  • Sovrn //Commerce: Sovrn //Commerce previously known as VigLink is a perfect affiliate marketing platform. It serves the purpose of automatically converting product links into the so-called affiliate links. When individuals use these links, publishers earn a commission.Sovrn Commerce empowers publishers and content creators to effortlessly generate income through monetized affiliate links. With their user-friendly extension, you can seamlessly convert any product page into a shareable link, allowing one to earn commissions from clicks or sales resulting from that link.
  • Skimlinks: Skimlinks is an affiliate marketing platform. They help publishers to monetize their content. It is done through affiliate links. It can also automatically convert product mentions into affiliate links which allows the publishers to earn commissions from relevant purchases. Skimlinks powers commerce content strategies for publishers. They are the world’s largest commerce content monetisation platform, it helps grow a revenue stream that can contribute as much as a quarter of a publisher’s overall revenue, which enables publishers to be less dependent on advertising. Its technology automatically earns publishers a share of sales they drive through product links in commerce-related content created by editors. The platform is a one stop solution providing the technology and the data to start, grow and successfully scale a content commerce strategy across desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Adsterra: Adsterra, known for its broad range of advertising network, offers various ad formats including pop-ups, banners, push notifications, along with interstitial advertisements. They have a 3-level security system, many flexible ad inventories, and industry’s best managers and support. Comprehensive targeting options are also available. Adsterra has been a choice for publishers because of its competitive pricing. Malware is strictly prohibited, along with redirects, unsolicited downloads, and virus alerts.
  • Bidvertiser: Bidvertiser is an advertising network. Their main Focus is on technology, optimization and automation. It permits the publishers to display text advertisements, banner ads,  native ads, and programmatic XML on their websites. They are also efficient in Real-time bidding and optimization. These features help to maximize the revenue of the same. Bidvertiser operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, where advertisers bid for placement in publisher websites’ ad slots. This dynamic auction-based system ensures that ads are displayed to the most relevant audience, maximizing both advertisers’ ROI and publishers’ earnings.
  • Revive Adserver: Revive Adserver is a free open-source ad serving system that allows the publishers to serve ads on their websites. They have advanced targeting options and tracking capabilities. Also, they offer flexibility for revenue generation. They even define rules for delivery of campaigns and ads, including frequency capping, URL targeting, geo-targeting. And then Track campaign performance, including impressions, clicks, click-through rates, conversion rates, revenue, eCPM, and conversion details, like basket value and number of items purchased.
  • AdRecover: AdRecover permits the publishers to regain revenue from ad-block users. This is done by displaying non-intrusive ads. AdRecover gives backup revenue stream while maintaining a positive user experience. AdRecover is a user-friendly solution to recover lost revenue due to adblocked traffic. AdRecover never compromises the user experience, creating a win-win situation for the visitors as well as the publishers. AdRecover educates the users about how banner ads help keep the world’s information free, accessible and the editorial unbiased. Users have an option to opt-out and report when they don’t like certain ads, on which we ensure prompt action.
  • BuySellAds: This usually is a marketplace connecting publishers and advertisers. BuySellAds helps publishers to sell ad space directly to interested advertisers. They also render control over pricing and deals.Their tools, and services help marketers easily reach their target audience with contextual advertising, and publishers monetize their websites, newsletters, and podcasts. Specializes in cross-channel advertising, self-serve advertising, native advertising, sponsored content, email advertising, podcast advertising, display advertising, newsletter sponsorships.
  • Adbuff: Adbuff is an ad network that focuses on high-quality ads. They are primarily centered on  premium publishers. Adbuff is a platform for monetization having competitive CPM rates and real-time bidding. They help brands maximize their marketing ROI and make them more Memorable, Impactful and Profitable. They specialize in Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, E-commerce Strategy, Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Performance Creatives, Shopify, Shopify App.
  • AdMaven: AdMaven is mastered in pop-unders, push notifications, and also interstitial ads. They have high CPM rates, advanced targeting options, and a user-friendly interface. Hence, it is popular among the publishers. AdMaven is constantly building an engine which yields an increased revenue for publishers, while enabling advertisers to get high performance and vast distribution for their ad budgets.
  • Adcash: Adcash which is a global online advertising platform, offering various ad formats like native ads, push notifications, and interstitial ads. They also  have advanced targeting, real-time reporting. And its competitive CPM rates make it a decent choice for publishers. Ad inventories are uniquely optimized and placed according to the campaign’s targeting as well as the website’s individual ad compliance requirements, and vice versa. Maximum exposure is obtained on a wide variety of sites for advertisers to broadcast their offers to the widest possible audience.
  • is an online advertising platform. They also have various ad formats, including display ads, pop-ups, and native ads. It helps publishers with competitive rates and also advanced targeting options. They provide advertisers with high-quality exclusive traffic that performs and yields high ROI. Using our patented Click Shield click scoring technology, guarantees high-quality traffic. And also provide advertisers with quality traffic that converts, and publishers with competitive listings that yield high revenues. Using our patented Click Shield fraud protection software, guarantees high-quality traffic for both advertisers and publishers.
  • Adverticum: Adverticum is an ad network which focuses on Central and Eastern European markets and offers various ad formats along with targeting options for publishers in those regions. The development of Adverticum AdServer works out by harmonizing global market trends and local client needs. Adverticum is engaged in providing great product support and in fulfilling unique needs of its clients flexibly.
  • Adverty: Adverty is an in-game advertising platform. Also enables publishers to monetize their games. It includes non-intrusive ad placements that offer immersive and interactive ad experiences. It enables new gaming revenue streams for developers and empowers advertisers to reach uniquely engaged audiences. Adverty delivers spectacular In-Play ads to connect brands and people through its revolutionary and multi-patented technology built for VR/AR and mobile games. The platform offers programmatic video and display ad inventory at scale and allows content creators to monetise the complete experience with unobtrusive, easy-to-integrate, immersive ads.
  • Adzerk: Adzerk is an ad serving platform that allows publishers to manage and optimize their ad inventory. It provides advanced targeting options and real-time reporting. Adzerk is “ad serving as an API”, a collection of products that enable developers to build native ads and integrate advertising into their properties.
  • Adstargets: Adstargets is a self-serve advertising platform offering various ad formats, including native ads, pop-ups, and banners. Advanced targeting options and real-time analytics help optimize monetization.
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  • Affiliate Window: Affiliate Window as the name suggests, is an affiliate marketing network that binds the advertisers and publishers. It provides a variety of affiliate programs. And also helps publishers with advanced tracking and reporting features. Affiliate Window is a global performance marketing network with an innovative and ethical approach to performance marketing.
  • Adkernel: Adkernel is an ad serving platform. It offers real-time bidding and optimization features for systematic monetization. Adkernel helps publishers with advanced ad management capabilities. They offer Programmatic Display & Video White-label Ad Serving Solution, Programmatic White-label Media-buying Platform (DSP), Server Side Header Bidding platform (prebid compatible), Variety optimization and analytic tools. The company’s industry-leading role provides enterprise-class solutions for pay-per-click, display and video, mobile and desktop markets.
  • AdMantX: AdMantX which is an AI-powered advertising platform that provides advanced targeting and ad verification capabilities to publishers. It presents high-quality ads and personalized support. They specialize in Semantic Targeting, Contextual Advertising, Semantic Technology, Natural Language Processing, Audience Targeting, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Profiling Services. ADmantX provides contextual analysis and data, offering a cookie-less solution for publishers and advertisers to develop online advertising.
  • Adperio: Adperio is a performance-based advertising network that concentrates on mobile app monetization. Their platform provides various ad formats and targeting options for publishers. This leads to maximizing their revenue potential. Adperio, who is now Perform[cb], offers strategic plans tailored to meet their clients’ specific marketing goals. Perform[cb] is the pioneer of performance marketing and uniquely positioned to lead this space based on brand trust, team experience, compliance best practices and technological innovation.
  • AdPushup: This is a revenue optimization platform that empowers the publishers to increase their ad revenue. This is done by automating A/B testing. It also has strategic ad layout optimization. They help web publishers grow their advertising revenue by using cutting-edge technology, premium demand partnerships.
  • AdRiver: AdRiver is an ad serving platform. They provide advanced targeting options. It is the real-time reporting that enables publishers to manage and deliver ads on their websites. They are also leading Mobile Out of Home providers in Europe. AdRiver brings exclusive tech solutions to brands to guarantee them transparency and efficiency in their campaigns.
  • Adstir: Adstir is a mobile advertising platform that has a wide range of ad formats, including banner ads, interstitial ads, and also rewarded videos. Adstir helps publishers with powerful targeting options and real-time analytics.Through their PMP marketplace, they deliver high-priced and premium ads. They do CPM evaluation and optimization from a fair perspective on the basis of the number of impressions counted by Ad network.
  • AdSupply: AdSupply is a digital marketing company that focuses on delivering visible CPM advertising. They offer innovative ad formats and targeting options for publishers looking to monetize their audience. AdSupply creates patented, world-class ad tech that delivers viewable, high impact ad formats for brands, agencies and publishers looking to maximize Return of investment. They automatically redirect traffic in case they detect that there are no available ads from the ad network to another network.
  • Adtelligent: Adtelligent is an advertising technology company that helps publishers with advanced ad serving. They also provide monetization solutions to publishers. It offers various ad formats and optimization features. They also specialize in Video Advertising, VAST/VPAID Compliant Player, Video Ad Marketplace, Header Bidding Wrapper Programmatic Buying, Ad Serving. Display Advertising, Native Advertising, Header Bidding, Banner Advertising.
  • Adthink: Adthink, an advertising network, provides varieties of advertising formats, encompassing display ads, pop-unders, and also native ads. They help publishers with competitive rates and targeting options. They also cater to a spectrum of promotional needs to customers. Adthink addresses the B2C market by developing a global digital and physical distribution platform and the B2B market by providing advertisers with its trading desk and affiliate platform to develop their customer acquisition. With its proprietary adtech solution AdAccess, media publishers can optimize and multiply their revenue channels.
  • AdTiming: AdTiming known as a global mobile advertising platform, offering a wide range of ad types, such as interstitial ads, rewarded videos, and native ads. It empowers publishers with real-time information and advanced targeting choices that can lead to the enhancement of their advertising strategy.They cater to e-commerce, games, utilities and social applications. It is a comprehensive supply chain from advertisement to monetization.
  • AdTradr: AdTradr which is known for its programmatic advertising, bridges the gap between publishers and advertisers. And also advanced targeting choices. Its aim is to make the digital advertising space a healthier and more efficient landscape. Alternatives and possible competitors to AdTrader include Amura Marketing Technologies and Embold.

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